MISA Zambia 2017: 19th Annual General Meeting

MISA Zambia 2017: 19th Annual General Meeting

This serves to inform all currently paid up members of MISA Zambia both institutional and individual that there will be an Annual General meeting (AGM)  on Saturday, 4th  November  2017 starting at 08:30 hrs at Cresta Golf View  Hotel  in Lusaka


08:30 hrs             Registration

09:00 hrs             Opening Prayer

09:05 hrs             Chairperson Opening Remarks

09:10 hrs            Review of the AGM minutes and matters arising

09:30 hrs            Chairperson Report

10:00 hrs            Tea Break

10:15 hrs            Discussions of Chairperson Report

10:45 hrs            Consideration of the Auditor’s Report

11:45 hrs            Appointment/Reappointment of Auditors

11:55 hrs            Amendments to the constitution If any

12:30 hrs            Lunch

13:45 hrs            Elections of new NGC members

15:40 hrs            Announcement of election of results of winners by Election management Team.

15:50 hrs          Address by newly elected MISA Chairperson

16:00 hrs          Closing prayer and end of the programme






 Please note that MISA Zambia is only able to accommodate one representative from each institutional member based outside Lusaka at the 2017 AGM. Individual members who wish to attend the AGM may do so at their own expense. (No transport refunds will be given) However, MISA Zambia will provide lunch for members that will attend the AGM.

Heads of Media Institutions whose organisations are currently paid up members of MISA Zambia will be sent copies of the MISA Zambia constitution, Audited Accounts, and minutes of the previous meeting. (21 days before the AGM). These should be distributed to all individual members of MISA Zambia belonging to these institutions.

Paid up individual members of MISA Zambia will be invited to collect or make inquiries for their copies of the above documents from the MISA Zambia Secretariat. (21 days before the AGM)


Members wishing to make amendments to the constitution should submit proposals to the MISA Zambia Secretariat 21 Days before the AGM.

It being an Election year for MISA – Zambia NGC, Electoral process and guidelines are included herein (as adopted at the 2010 AGM). Five positions are available for election and elections nominations will be open to eligible members 21 days before the AGM and Close 7 days before the AGM. (Which is from 11th October 2017 to 25th October 2017)   Nomination forms will be posted on the website and Facebook MISA pages and also available at MISA Zambia Secretariat.

For further information, contact the MISA Zambia Secretariat at Plot No. 3814, Martin Mwamba Road, P.O Box 32295, Lusaka Tel: +260 211 294285/6  E-Mail: fao@misazambia.org.uk


About MISA Zambia

The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Zambia was founded in 1996. Its work focuses on promoting, and advocating for, the unhindered enjoyment of freedom of expression, access to information and a free, independent, diverse and pluralistic media.