MISA Zambia Media Awards

MISA Zambia Media Awards

Entries for the MISA Zambia Media Awards 2019 are open from 12 July 2019 and close on 16th September, 2019 at 16:00 hours.


As of 2019, entries are possible in the following categories:

  1. Platinum Award (Media Freedom Award)

  2. Golden Award Television

  3. Golden Award Commercial Radio

  4. Golden Award Community Radio

  5. Golden Award Print

  6. Golden Award Online

Sponsored Categories

Best Foster Care Reporting Award (Applies to journalists)

  1. Print
  2. Television
  3. Radio

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Champion Media House

  1. Print
  2. Television
  3. Radio
  4. Online

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Champion journalist (Applies to journalists)

  1. Print
  2. Television
  3. Radio
  4. Online

Rising Antimicrobial (AMR) Champion Journalist

Public Health Reporting – applies to all media – print, radio, TV & online

Best Pensions and Social Security Award

  1. Print
  2. Television
  3. Radio
  4. Online

Who is eligible to enter the awards?

Organisations or individuals involved in the following media categories are eligible for entry:

  1. Commercial radio
  2. Community radio
  3. Television
  4. Print
  5. Online

How can I enter?

Organisations or individuals may submit entries, by filling in the Zambia Media Awards Entry Form 2019 (PDF).

Entrants may appoint a proxy to make a submission on their behalf provided that such an entry has been approved by the person who authored the work being submitted. The entrant authorizing a proxy shall show proof of such an instruction. The proxy shall be obliged to make a submission in the name of the person appointing them.

Each person or institution may make a maximum of only three different entries across the awards.

What are the entry requirements?

NOTE: Entries must have been published or broadcast between 29th April 2018 and 16th September, 2019.

  • Judges will only consider the written entry format outlined below, so great care must be taken in the preparation.
  • Entrants should show proof of publication of their submissions for adjudication by including press cuttings or a copy, among others and a letter from their supervisor conforming publication of the reportage.
  • Every entry (video and audio included) must have a 100-word opening statement describing why the entry should be deemed worthy of an award.
  • Entries should clearly be marked as to which category is being entered for and the name as well as organization / media platform published in.
  • Entries should be accompanied by a brief profile of the individual or organization entering the award.
  • You MUST provide one soft copy Microsoft Word and PDF format of your entry on a CD/Memory stick clearly labeled with your company name and entry category and one hard copy of the written entry and the completed entry form.
  • Audio and video submissions should be in a format in widely and readily accessible format such as .mp3, .mp4 and .wma, among others.
  • Press cuttings / PDFs must be folded to A4 size
  • Please include videos and images that in some way represent your entry. This shall not be used for the judging process but may be used in a slide show presentation at the awards ceremony to educate the audience about the entry.

How can I submit my entry?

Please email your entry to: info@misazambia.org.uk

Or deliver it to:
MISA Zambia
Plot 3814
Martin Mwamba Road
Olympia Park, Lusaka, Zambia
(Adjacent to Monte-Carlo Casino – opposite the Lusaka Show Grounds)

Postal address
Media Awards Committee
P.O. Box 32295
Lusaka, Zambia

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Programmes Manager Jane Chirwa – 0977261361 or Assistant Programmes Officer Margaret Kabuswe 0975879636.