Prepare for digital migration or face going off air

Prepare for digital migration or face going off air

Television stations in Zambia need to switch to digital broadcasting by October 1 to avoid going off air when the analogue signal is switched off.

MISA Zambia Chairperson, Hellen Mwale, says television stations across the country, especially those still broadcasting under the analogue signal transmission, should prepare themselves for digital migration to avoid going off air once the analogue signal is switched off.

Ms. Mwale says television stations should emulate some channels like QTV and Convent Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) who are already on the digital platform.

Other channels currently broadcasting on the digital platform include ZNBC (TV1, TV2, TV3), Prime TV, Revelation TV, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN 1 and TBN 2), City Television, Parliament TV, Diamond TV and CAMNET.

And a regional television station based in Eastern Province, Chipata TV Technical Manager, Adamson Phiri, has disclosed that they ready for digital migration as they have already done the installation of necessary equipment needed for digital migration.

Digital migration programme is one of the major projects government is currently implementing in the country and it implies a switchover from analogue television to digital broadcasting services.

It is a process in which broadcasting services offered on the traditional analogue technology are replaced with digital based networks and the benefits include better quality, more channel choices and access, more services and viewing options.

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