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Media law and reforms

Government embarks on media policy reforms

The UPND government is working tirelessly to ensure that the media operates in a media friendly environment as they carry out their duties to serve the public.

MISA Zambia launches legal hand book

The handbook is divided into seven (07) modules including; International law on Freedom of expression, Zambian constitutional Framework, Zambian legal framework on freedom of expression, Access to Information, Digital Rights, Broadcasting and Telecommunications and Advocacy and law reform on freedom of expression.

TWG maps media regulation roadmap for Zambia

The media fraternity in Zambia has during various symposia and conferences endorsed the process of media regulation including the move from voluntary media regulation to statutory self-regulation.

National Cyber Security Policy approved

The Zambia National Cyber Security Policy will ensure that effective mechanisms are put in place for a well-coordinated governance framework on cybersecurity thereby fostering the creation of a secure, reliable, and trustworthy cyber environment that increases confidence.

Provide engagement platforms on cyber law govt urged

Zambian citizens need to know that they have the right to hold leaders to account on the manner they are managing the affairs of the country through means or channels of their choice, including online spaces.

Government has a duty to inform its citizens: Siliya

The ministry has also formulated a communication strategy that clearly spells out how various arms of Government are to communicate among them, are Public Relations operatives and other communicators in various Government institutions Zambia’s chief government spokesperson says.