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MISA will not be the same without Annie Musodza

1 Jul, 2024
This post was broadcasted from MISA Regional.
She was indeed The Matriarch!

MISA Zimbabwe’s long-serving Administration Officer, Annie Musodza, who died in the early hours of Saturday, 29 June 2024, was the organisation’s soul.

Madam Admin, as she was affectionately known within the MISA family and beyond for the 20+ years she worked for the organisation, was the heartbeat of MISA Zimbabwe.

A repository of the organisation’s institutional memory, like the back of her hand, she knew and was well versed with MISA’s inception years and its media freedom and freedom of expression journey. 

Annie was at home and fluent in the organisation’s culture, collective beliefs, values and traditions. She knew the organisation’s nooks and crannies at both the local chapter (MISA Zimbabwe) and MISA Regional, as she was there in their formative stages. 

She had the MISA DNA.

As the messages of condolence poured in, former colleagues and friends from across the Globe, referred to one of her many positive qualities – her all-embracing heart. 

Annie went about her work with calmness but was no pushover when it came to standing her ground regarding her professional responsibilities. She had a stubborn streak and would not budge once she retreated into her no-nonsense shell.

You had to be a skilled and persuasive negotiator to convince her otherwise once she retreated into that shell.

She was nonetheless very aware of her worthiness to the organisation, its journalistic membership and stakeholders.  She was indeed deserving of her other title: The Matriarch, as she was also known and referred to as per her WhatsApp profile.

The Matriarch is described as a woman who is head of a family or a tribe or an older woman who is powerful within a family or organisation.

Annie went beyond the call of duty and checked on the welfare and wellness of her tribe, in this case, the vast MISA Zimbabwe journalistic membership. She encouraged and counseled journalists in distress. 

She kept track of all the organisation’s former interns, some of whom are now all over the World. Annie was thus loved, respected, and adored by many who knew her for her good-heartedness.

She was indeed The Matriarch!

Madam Admin was, in her small way, in the mould of Mother Teresa, the Roman Catholic saint and Nobel Laureate known for her missionary work with the poor in India. Annie did not just care and love her own family, but all and sundry who came to her in their times of need.

Every one of us at MISA Zimbabwe agreed that hers was a life well-lived and fulfilling.

As MISA, we can only preserve her legacy and memory by staying the course and continuing to fly the MISA flag high as defined by our mission, vision and values.

The soul of MISA, Madam Admin, was loved and appreciated by those she interacted with for her unique and warm personality. She will be missed by many but will not be forgotten by those who were fortunate to have known her.

For she indeed was The Matriarch!


Golden Maunganidze


MISA Zimbabwe

About MISA

The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) was founded in 1992. Its work focuses on promoting, and advocating for, the unhindered enjoyment of freedom of expression, access to information and a free, independent, diverse and pluralistic media.

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