Political parties in Zambia agree to end violence against the media?

Political parties in Zambia agree to end violence against the media?

Communique by Zambian political parties on ending violence against the media

6th March 2020

Lusaka – We the political parties gathered here today on 6th March 2020 at Cresta Golf View Hotel in Lusaka hereby pledge to work with and end violence against the media.

We believe the media like all of us are partners in the growth and development of the nation. And having identified the causes of violence and restrained relationship between ourselves and the media, we hereby pledge to end this vice by;

  1. Discipline any of our members found guilty of perpetrating violence against the media.
  2. Uphold Political will at the highest level, political parties should advise cadres to distance themselves from attacking the media.
  3. Massive civil and political education targeting cadres on the importance of the media.
  4. Advocate for enhanced professionalism.
  5. Advocate for better working conditions for media personnel.
  6. Advocate for the regulation of the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation by the Independent Broadcasting Authority.
  7. Advocate for statutory self-regulation that will regulate conduct of Journalists.
  8. Advocate for the speedy enactment of the Access to Information Law.
  9. Upholding and respect the rule of law.
  10. Encourage the media to be fair and impartial in their reporting.
  11. Disarm political cadres.

Political Parties Present

  1. Forum for Democracy and Development
  2. Common Cause Democracy
  3. United Prosperous Party
  4. People Convention Independence Party
  5. 3rd Liberation Movement
  6. New Congress Party
  7. Zambia Direct Democracy Movement
  8. Economic and Equity Party
  9. United Liberal Party
  10. Patriotic Front
  11. Revolutionary Communist Party
  12. Movement for Multiparty Democracy
  13. National Democratic Congress
  14. Conservative Party
  15. United for Better Zambia
  16. National Democratic Party
  17. United Party for National Development
  18. Humanity Party
  19. National Restoration Party
  20. Federal Democratic Party
  21. National Revolution Party
  22. New Generation Party

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