MISA Zambia welcomes the lifting of Prime TV suspension

MISA Zambia welcomes the lifting of Prime TV suspension

For Immediate Release                                                              Thursday, March 28, 2019.


LUSAKA – MISA Zambia would like welcome the move taken by the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) to lift the suspension of license of Prime Television. We are happy that Prime Television will tomorrow the 29th March 2019 officially resume broadcast and continue to contribute to the development process of the country.

We are further heartened that the decision by IBA to lift the suspension of Prime Television is indicative that the media house has addressed and attended to all issues even before the lapse of the 30 days suspension.

As MISA Zambia we are happy that our efforts of engaging IBA and Government through dialogue and different channels of communication have not been in vain. MISA Zambia remains committed to ensuring that best available options and strategies are employed in resolving various challenges facing media development in the country.

Prime Television Broadcast license was suspended for 30 days on 4th March, 2019 for what the IBA termed as exhibiting unprofessional elements in the television company’s broadcasting through unbalanced coverage, opinionated news, material likely to incite violence and use of derogatory language.

IBA stated that the decision was due to Prime TV’s failure to comply with conditions of its broadcasting licence, further directing that the television station’s journalists should undergo an in-house training in basic journalism and script writing during the time of the suspension.

MISA Zambia therefore welcomes the IBA for moving expeditiously on its review and consideration of the suspension of the license of Prime Television. We therefore wish to encourage Prime Television to remain steadfast and maintain highest levels of professionalism. MISA Zambia will continue to work with various media houses to ensure the highest possible commitment to the ethical challenges in the media. We will also continue engaging the IBA in efforts to ensure that the IBA gives professional and progressive leadership in regulating the broadcasting sector in Zambia.

Our view is that going forward there is no need to revoke a license of a media house as such is not the best solutions of addressing challenges in the media industry in the country. Suspensions lead the media to lose revenue and erode customer confidence which unfortunately will always have an impact on employment. We wish to see stability in the license system to avoid disruptions of operations of our members in the country. We also appeal to our members in the country to continue upholding professionalism and always seek to be guided by good ethical conduct. We will continue supporting and working with our members as individuals, and as media houses.


Hyde Haguta

Vice Chairperson – MISA Zambia

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