State of the Media in Zambia – Q2, 2018

State of the Media in Zambia – Q2, 2018

The media in the second quarter saw an increased threat on its freedom and role.

This is because the media that published divergent views as a way of promoting freedom of expression and providing checks and balances in this quarter was treated as information aimed at damaging Zambia’s image.

Further media freedom in this quarter was under threat following proposed cyber security bills and if not well checked, the freedom of expression will not only to taken away from the media, but from the public a well.

The major key findings include:

  • The proposal of the cyber security bill saw the near death of the talk on the enactment of the Access to Information (ATI) Bill.
  • Following the introduction of Facebook live, media houses in the country have started disseminating information and news using multimedia platforms specifically social media. Additionally, many other media institutions such as Hot FM Zambia incorporated Facebook Live and the Mingletainment App to broadcast programs.
  • A number of assault cases on journalists while on duty were recorded. This was done by cadres as well as law enforcement officers. One such example is where a group of journalists were beaten with an attempt to shoot them during the Chilanga by-elections in June.

For the full report: State of the Media in Zambia Q2 2018.pdf

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