Minister: Abuse of cyber space basis for cyber laws

Minister: Abuse of cyber space basis for cyber laws

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba says the premise for the proposed cyber laws is based on the abuse of the cyber space by some people in the country.

The Minister explains that some undesirable elements are using the cyber space to commit crimes in the name of freedom of expression adding that government has a duty to safeguard the interest of the public.

The Minister further says the process was further driven by a number of charters that the country has signed including the African Union AU and the Southern African Development Community SADC.

Mr. Mushimba adds that the cyber laws are coming largely around consume protection as opposed to gagging the internet as perceived by some sections of society.

He notes that the future is in the back of ICT’s as the physical presence is now being overtaken by the cyber space.

The Minister further explains that government has a bigger picture in the usage of ICT’s and hence the need to have laws that define the boundaries of the cyber space.

He has also pointed out that the growth of many economies depended on how people made use of the internet because of the importance of technology in advancing and supporting economic activities.

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