Choma’s RLC intervention brings two teachers to a school

Choma’s RLC intervention brings two teachers to a school

Macha Alvin Hamecha on the right

Two Senior teachers have been transferred to Chomas’s Simunzele Basic School in Chief Mapanza’s area of Southern Province after community intervention.

Members of Simunzele Radio Listening Club RLC recorded a programme discussing the shortage of teachers at the school which was aired on Byta FM in August, 2017 which prompted Choma District Education Board Secretary Fines Malama to act on the complaint.

The programme was recorded under the ‘Strengthening Tools of Service Delivery for Stakeholder Accountability and Citizens’ Participation Project’ supported by Irish Aid.

One of the objectives of the project is to contribute to the strengthening of the responsiveness among duty holders to community’s needs.

A head teacher and senior teacher have since been sent to the school which is situated 45kms from Choma town.

Macha Alvin Hamecha a senior teacher who was transferred to the school in October, 2017 hopes his transfer to the school will help cushion the shortage of teachers at the school.

And Parents Teachers Association Chairperson Given Simuvuka applauded the government for the gesture adding that more teachers are need at the school which has 600 pupils against seven teachers.

Mr. Simuvuka further said some parents were even transferring their children to other nearby schools before the two senior teachers came in as they were not learning much.

MISA Zambia is working with various community radio stations countrywide under this project which is focusing at providing opportunities and space for citizens to engage in public issues that affect them and to hold duty bearers accountable, as well as a neutral platform for civil activists, professionals, academia and public managers to engage in dialogue. The project is giving the communities their voice, and connecting them to the information they need.

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