Go deeper in your stories – Media Liaison Committee

Go deeper in your stories – Media Liaison Committee

Enock Ngoma (l)

Media Liaison Committee Chairperson Enoch Ngoma is disappointed that journalists in Zambia are not making extra efforts to finish breaking news stories

He says this situation motivates social injustices such as corruption as people are left uninformed.

Mr. Ngoma has explained that journalists must understand that there is more to their job than just press releases and news conferences adding that they need to be able to look beyond these events if their stories are to bring about social change.

He has therefore urged journalists in Zambia to emulate their counter parts in other big media institutions on how they investigate different stories.

Mr Ngoma has warned that if the current way of reporting continues, the media’s role of a watchdog will not be realised.

And former Zambia Media Women Association (ZAMWA) Chairperson Felistus Chipako has criticised the media for what she terms as shallow reporting.

Ms Chipako has expressed concern that the media have concentrated on petty matters at the expense of critical issues affecting Zambians.

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