MISA Zambia mourns Radio Phoenix’s Errol Hickey

It is with heartfelt grief that we receive the passing of Mr. Errol Hickey, who was the proprietor of Radio Phoenix (1996) and served in various capacities in different institutions and government agencies.

Mr. Hickey’s passing is a big blow to the media fraternity in Zambia as he was an icon of determination and resilience in media development, having set up Zambia’s first private radio station thereby setting the trend for media diversity. His action charted the course for liberalisation of the airwaves in Zambia as the private media landscape flourished with several private media enterprises emerging years later.

MISA will remember Mr. Hickey for his boundless passion for professionalism and excellence in media practice, having mentored several journalists and radio personalities who are now media owners and employers in other media related sectors.

Commenting on Mr. Hickey’s death, MISA Chairperson, Hellen Mwale described him as a ‘media guru’, further stating that:

“He is a man that encouraged a lot of journalists especially the young ones to have courage of conviction…we have really lost a man that influenced the thinking of how radio can enhance people’s rights and influence service delivery in Zambia and the power to help citizens hold their leaders accountable. Errol Hickey provided such a platform.”

While we mourn and regret Mr. Hickey’s demise, we hope and trust that his passing will also inspire broadcast journalists to keep aspiring for higher standards in honour of what Mr. Hickey stood for.

We hope and pray that Radio Phoenix will remain resilient and continue contributing to the realisation of democratic standards in Zambia by facilitating citizen participation through various longstanding platforms such as Let the people talk.

MISA will remain committed to the cause of freedom of expression and media freedom as we are further inspired by Mr. Hickey’s life, service and contribution to the media industry in Zambia.

We therefore stand with Radio Phoenix and Mr. Hickey’s family in this trying moment as we mourn the icon, Errol Hickey. His spirit of media freedom, perseverance, novelty and excellence lives on.

Issued by:

Kamufisa Manchishi

Information and Research Officer, MISA Zambia Chapter.  

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