Our team

Our team

Austin Kayanda – National Director

Austin oversees the administration and operations of the institution to ensure compliance with best practices and standards. He also acts as the liaison between secretariat and the board and is the secretary of the MISA Zambia Board.

Jane Chirwa – Programmes Manager

Jane’s role is to coordinate teams working on various projects. She is responsible for resource mobilisation, planning and governance and for overseeing the successful delivery of all projects undertaken by the organisation including oversight of any risks and issues arising. Her role is crucial as she is creating and maintaining focus, enthusiasm and momentum.

Brian Chanakila – Finance and Administration Officer

Brian’s role involves providing financial and administrative support to the organisation, its stakeholders and clients. He is also in charge of the financial health of the organisation by administering accounting operations to meet legal requirements.

Thomas Zulu – Programme Officer

Thomas is the primary person responsible for programme implementation.  He plans activities to achieve the programme objectives, executes activities, monitors and reports progress of the programme.  He takes the necessary actions to keep projects on target on a day-to-day basis.  He is also responsible for managing the programme budget and ensuring that the programme achieves its objectives within the funds available and the project timeline.

Mwatitha Mambo – Assistant Accountant

Mwatitha is in charge of financial management in liaison with the Finance and Administration Officer and also handles all finance-related matters.