To become a member, one must apply and meet particular criteria in a category most suitable to them. MISA Zambia membership is divided into three categories;

  1. Gold                K500   (Applies to members of 10 years and above)
  2. Silver              K400   (Applies to members of 5 to 10 years)
  3. Bronze            K200   (Applies to members under 5 years)

Payment Details    

Membership fees can be paid into the MISA Zambia Bank Account with the following details:

Investrust Bank, Odys Branch Account no: 110710090610019

Communication from MISA Zambia

  1. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the forum for members to receive the report from MISA Zambia and interact with like-minded members on various issues of benefit.
  2. The Secretariat communicates to all members when need arises through email.
  3. Members receive updates on activity implementation through the MISA Zambia Facebook and Twitter Accounts with full interaction.
  4. Members are free to write or contact the Secretariat for any inquiry or to report any hindrance to their work for action to be taken.

Membership Conduct

  1. Members are expected to respect and adhere to media ethics.
  2. Conduct themselves in a professional manner so as not to bring the profession and MISA Zambia into disrupt.
  3. Members are expected to promote the ideals of media freedom, freedom of expression and access to information.

Benefits of MISA Zambia Membership

  1. Networking.
  2. Being associated to professional media body that is credible and able to defend press freedom.
  3. Opportunity to contribute to better media operating environment.
  4. Scholarships and training when available.
  5. Legal defence assistance or linkages to partners who offer such services.
  6. Reference letters for members.

If interested in becoming a member or getting further information, please contact us on and will provide the necessary support.