Report a violation

Report a violation

Have you been assaulted, attacked or stopped from doing your job as a journalist? Are you a victim of a freedom of expression or media freedom violation?

We can offer support (such as legal support) and put pressure on police or other relevant authorities to follow up the incident. Also, by helping us collect information on media violations, MISA Zambia can better document where and why problems are occurring, and work to prevent them in the future.

Report a violation through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or Text Message as follows:

Direct line      Call us on 0211 294 285/6 or text us on +260 979 580 451

WhatsApp      Send us a message on +260 979 580 451

Facebook         Like our page and send us a message or write on our wall here

Twitter             Mention us @Misazambia1 or send us a direct message

Please remember to include as much information as possible about the incident, such as the full details of the victim and perpetrator if available, location of incident and contact information for follow up. We will appreciate any other background information that will help with the case.

We will endeavour to take the most appropriate action in the quickest possible time depending on the nature of the incident. We will also undertake to give a report of the action taken and outcome of the intervention.

How to report a violation factsheet