Alerts – Freedom of Expression Tracker: Detained

Fumba spent a night in the cells after he was denied bail. Police also summoned two Komboni Radio disc jockeys upon receiving information that the 2 were playing the song on air. The two disc jockeys were received after recording statements in which they denied playing the song on radio.

MISA Zambia has been advocating for the revision of the outdated Penal Code to bring it into conformity with various pieces of current legislation that promote media freedom and freedom of expression.. The penal Code has remained in its archaic form since enactment in 1938 under colonial rule. There are clauses that disallow defamation of the President and other public order provisions with derogation.

MISA Stance:

MISA Condemned the arrest as a direct attack on the Freedom of Expression. MISA also provided legal support through its institutional lawyer Marshal Muchende of Dindi and Company.