Free Expression Online

Free Expression Online

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Free expression online refers to your right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas online, without fear or restriction from surveillance, censorship or laws silencing dissent.

As people turn to digital environments as a way of expressing views they may not feel safe expressing through other channels, more and more governments are using legislation, including privacy and national security laws, to gain control over digital spaces and infrastructure.

Rights such as privacy have not yet been entrenched in the minds and actions of many citizens and yet citizens across the continent are using various technological services (email, social networking, banking etc.) every day, without adequate safeguards.

MISA is collaborating with Privacy International to research and campaign for freedom of expression online. Through this partnership and others, we are striving to make the internet accessible, affordable and available to southern Africans and to help make it a safe platform for diverse views and free expression, where human rights are respected just as they should be in the offline media environment.

MISA Zambia commemorated its inaugural Online Media Week. The purpose of the initiative was to create awareness of the role of online media in propagating national development through encouragement of the freedom of expression. The week was commemorated under the theme “Online Media Freedom for Better Citizen Awareness”.

Among the activities carried out included daily radio interviews and programmes on internet freedom, net neutrality and local content creation. Others included dialogue on issues including online ethics, safety, as well as a special day dedicated to online activism.

MISA Zambia issued a statement on the potential of online media to facilitate citizen participation and good governance in Zambia through instant, on demand access to information for informed decision making and freedom of expression. MISA Zambia, in collaboration with its partners, hope to facilitate this event on an annual basis.